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Welcome to Vintage Kin, a genealogical design studio dedicated to providing free family history graphics.  Vintage Kin's extensive freeware graphic index includes genealogy clipart, general graphics, ancestor charrts and wordpress themes.

Please read the conditions of use prior to downloading.  Graphics are for personal use only.

Latest Clipart Additions (@ January 2011)

Just a reminder :: images pre 2010 have been relocated to the archive.  Although we feel they are due a well deserved vacation, retired graphics may still be accessed via the Image Archive.  Current images can be found in the Freeware Graphic Index.

Web Award Program :: please note Vintage Kin's web award program, which ran between 2006 and 2009, is no longer available.  A list of previous award winners is available via our sponsorship page (links remain valid).  For those who like to dazzle their pages with a bit of site bling, please feel free to adopt a Vintage Kin appreciation badge, also available on the sponsorship page.  Show your support by helping us to spread the word.  Cheers!


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